Cost Management

For organisations spending up to £500,000 on energy, we provide a comprehensive budgeting and procurement service, managing the negotiation and administration of fixed price energy supply contracts.

If your organisation spends over £500,000 on energy, read about our Corporate Procurement solutions here.

We constantly monitor the market to ensure that our clients are always paying the best rates available for their energy.

Our experienced team provide a comprehensive service to our clients, from proactively managing energy procurement to providing a fully outsourced energy supply contract and cost management solution.  Our expert analysts engage with the energy supply markets every day, so that our customers receive the very best support available in the industry.

Market Optimisation

M&C’s Analysts continuously review the supply market to identify opportunities for our clients to contract for their utility supplies, to improve cost or to protect against future cost inflation.

Options are reported either as opportunities arise, or at minimum quarterly, and a baseline is agreed with dedicated Account Managers as the starting point for the procurement process, and by which any benefits will be measured.

You receive full and focused support and advice on decision making as to when the benchmark is set and only pay if we are able to deliver a result that improves against the benchmark.

Supply Contract Tendering

The tendering process identifies and delivers the best value transaction for you and is supported by a comprehensive report of the negotiated and recommended contracts.  This sets out estimated annual cost, volume forecasts and annual savings against the agreed baseline.  Together with guidance on duration and supplier this information allows you to make an informed decision about your supply contracts, all of which is fully supported by advice from the most experienced Analysts in the industry.

Contract Placement

M&C review the details of your supply contracts from the selected supplier fully to ensure the accuracy of pricing and the commercial suitability of terms and conditions before you sign.  We manage the site transfer process within the contract with the supplier, all of which ensures that your contract is commercially optimised.  This ensures that you have full knowledge of all costs and benefits, backed up by electronic access to your contract and associated commercial terms.

Customer Support

For many consultancies, once the contract has been placed, this is the end of the support their client can expect to receive.  At M&C, clients have access to a dedicated Account Manager backed by a team of Analysts who provide continuous support throughout the contract period.  Assistance is on hand to help with contractual issues, ensuring that invoices are levied correctly and resolving any queries where errors are found, or dealing with queries on any other energy-related matters.

Budgeting and Accounting Support

In support of your business and cash-flow planning process, M&C provides fully-costed monthly budgets for each commodity.  We liaise directly with your finance team on a quarterly basis to enable your business plan to be updated to reflect your utility consumption and spend.  This minimises the impact of utilities on your organisation by eliminating unexpected variances against budget.