Corporate Procurement

M&C is a recognised market leader in the provision of comprehensive energy and utility solutions.  We work with some of the largest energy consumers in the world, representing over £8bn of energy spend.

Our comprehensive corporate approach focuses on managing energy price risk, providing a robust corporate governance framework and a state of the art cost analysis and reporting, which now drives the business processes of over 200 of some of the largest brand names in the world.

If your organisation spends more than £500,000 per year on a commodity, you would benefit from the following services:

Tendering Negotiation

A tender process is designed and conducted to comply with your own procurement policies and processes, culminating in a full report presenting a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative evaluation of each offer.


M&C supports the negotiation of offers to improve flexibility and reduce risk within supplier proposals. We drive down the overall cost to your business, selecting a short list of the two best bidders.  We then support contractual negotiations with the top two bidders, conducting a full commercial review of the contract and changes until contractual close is reached.

Portfolio Position Reporting

A daily independent report of your energy position, and the risk associated with it, is provided to you before 9am  each morning, so you always have a clear idea of your organisation's future energy costs, not just for the next twelve months but for the next five years.

Risk Policy Development / Corporate Governance

M&C supports you in determining how your corporate objectives translate into a consistent energy strategy. We then capture this strategy within a formal risk policy: a documented framework from which you can manage your energy procurement strategy across the organisation.

We work with you to create a formal risk committee, through which the risk policy is applied allowing your stakeholders to exercise corporate governance over the execution of the agreed procurement strategy.

Procurement Strategy Management

Having defined the corporate purchasing objectives and created a corporate governance framework, it is important to select the correct strategy and risk management tools to achieve the objective.  M&C supports you in the selection of the best strategy, creating a structured process to allow the strategy to change over time as your corporate objectives change.

Procurement Strategy Execution

Having selected the appropriate strategy, we determine a transaction programme that will deliver the required result as market prices change and communicate outcomes to you as and when they occur.  The market is watched continuously to see if agreed trigger levels are reached.  When the time to transact arises, M&C either execute if authorised or seek your approval to transact from the client Price Reconciliation.

Each month your price is a result of the transactions that have been undertaken.  M&C will check that your suppliers have calculated the energy commodity price correctly and resolve any queries on the calculation.