Corporate Procurement
If energy is a more significant cost for the consumer, or the consumer has to manage a portfolio of many sites, M&C provides an end-to-end approach (energy procurement). This focuses on managing energy price risk, providing a robust corporate governance framework and a state-of-the-art cost analysis and reporting structure.

Cost Control
The world of energy charges is complex and even large suppliers make mistakes. The surprise is just how big those mistakes can be. M&C Energy Group is a proven market leader in recovering historical overpayments, finding an average of 6% errors in supplier charges. In extreme cases, refunds can be more than 100% of annual cost.

Cost Management
M&C helps organisations optimise their costs by supporting the selection and negotiation of supply contracts. For consumers that spend less than the equivalent of £500,000 a year on energy, we support budgeting processes to ensure that this significant cost element is a source of advantage, not pain.

Our Cost SMART service offers the opportunity for smaller consumers to join a portfolio of like-minded energy users and benefit from a risk-managed service that allows smaller businesses to act like a large client, without losing control over decision-making.