Intelligence Services

M&C provides comprehensive market reports and intelligence on global energy markets.  Clients can opt for regular standard news reports or create bespoke reports branded to their own requirements.

In addition, clients can seek delivered price forecasts for different locations where competitors have facilities.

Competitive advantage for any part of your organisation is based on information. Energy is no exception.

Market Studies

M&C offers comprehensive analysis of the market for individual commodities for each country, providing detailed commercial information about the operating conditions in each market.

News Reports

We provide detailed analyses of each commodity market, taking both related global markets and local supply & demand factors into account to develop an expert opinion on whether market prices are likely to rise or fall.

Reports are available in daily, weekly and monthly formats in local language.

Regulatory Reports

As well as providing a monthly summary of changes to the regulatory environment in each market place, we host regular seminars for the discussion of regulatory improvements.

Bespoke Reports

You may find that you are flooded by free market reports from suppliers and advisors, and simply do not have enough time to digest the information.  With the service we offer, you can tell us how much information is manageable and what kind of information is most commercially valuable.  We then create a report tailored to your needs, and formatted for distribution around your business.

Cost Benchmarking

M&C can estimate the energy prices being paid by any consumer in any location based on a number of assumptions provided by the client, and provide regular updates on that forecast.

Dynamic Market Price Analysis

Clients can interrogate the market prices via their own M&C Online Login, looking at market history and different periods interactively.