Assurance Services

Saving energy and reducing emissions makes sound business sense.  From bottom line cost savings through to improved reputation, reducing consumption has no downsides.

However, in order to promote these activities further, government legislation in many countries is now forcing organisations to reduce emissions through mandatory building energy auditing and energy performance certification.

With extensive experience of conducting energy and carbon audits, M&C is ideally placed to carry out mandatory audits and to assess performance certificates.  Where these activities require accreditation to the certifying bodies, M&C is continually adding new accreditations to our portfolio and hold the necessary credentials to undertake most of the major European schemes currently operating.

Good energy management starts with high-level commitment.  One way to achieve and demonstrate that commitment both internally and externally is through an up-to-date, comprehensive and relevant energy policy.  Furthermore, where organisations have made significant inroads into emission reduction, it is only natural that they should seek recognition with one of the many schemes designed for that purpose.

Mandatory Building Audits

Where legislation mandates an energy and carbon audit within your organisation, it is easy to view this as yet another layer of inconvenient red tape.  However, we consider this an ideal opportunity for you to save money and emissions, while building the kind of reputation your marketing division would kill for.  With our passion and ability in this area, a mandatory audit is not a box ticking exercise, but a real opportunity for positive change.

Building Energy Certificates

We are all used to seeing energy labelling on domestic appliances and now this simple system is being used to rate some buildings.  Currently only targeted at certain sectors, the ratings allow for comparisons of building energy performance in an attempt to influence property selection.  However, the criteria for deciding whether you are required to comply with this legislation is not straightforward.  At M&C we are not only able to advise on this issue, but also undertake the production of a certificate should you need one.

Environmental Accreditation

Where an organisation has invested time and resource in improving its environmental standing it is only natural to use this to gain a competitive advantage.  Schemes such as the Carbon Trust Standard, CEMARS and ISO 50001, among others, have been developed for this very purpose.  However, preparing for the necessary assessments that need to take place before certification is often painstakingly laborious. As accredited assessors for a number of these bodies, M&C is in a unique position to prepare your organisation for assessment.

Energy Policy Management

To ensure that your organisation’s commitment to emissions reduction is all encompassing, it’s vital you have an up-to-date, comprehensive and relevant energy policy, signed off at top level.

However, many organisations don’t have an energy policy, and if they do, they are often standard documents with a few details changed.  If a policy is to be significant, it needs to reflect the organisation, its incentives and its energy and carbon aims.

Together with our other carbon activities, M&C can not only create an energy policy tailored for your business, but can also ensure that you feel its full benefit, internally and externally.