Detail, diligence and determination underpin every aspect of our global operations.

With a network of offices that stretches around the world, we have an unrivalled local presence, and a detailed understanding of every market’s complexities, idiosyncrasies and characteristics.

Our global reach means we operate around the clock, giving us a level of diligence unmatched in today's market, allowing us a greater focus on reducing energy consumption, managing environmental performance and saving money (energy management services).

With such a close attention to detail, it is unsurprising that M&C can find the cost over-charges, achieve the contract terms from suppliers and deliver the cheaper prices that make us a market leader.

Above all, it is a consistent approach that helps us stand out.  For consumers large or small, single meter or thousand-site portfolio, we apply the same principles, providing a state-of-the-art service tailored to meet their needs and circumstances.