Social Care

The Social Care Industry is facing a difficult time, under increasing pressure from funding cutbacks.  It is more important than ever to manage costs, to ensure that your organisation is competitive, compliant and capable of maintaining a quality service to your residents.

How does this relate to Energy Management?

Energy costs are an overhead that can be managed with expert help.  Whether they are a significant overhead or a small part of overall expenditure, there are opportunities to save money and drive improvements to your bottom line.  M&C Energy Group provides the expertise to many organisations in the care industry meaning we understand the challenges you face.  When energy is approached and managed by experts, significant savings can be made by applying best practice through the strategies we employ with major blue chip organisations.  These savings will directly impact on your bottom line and in turn can be reinvested in the business.

Whether you are looking after a single operation or a wide portfolio of sites, M&C offers comprehensive Energy Procurement, Compliance and Performance solutions, tailored to your strategy and to suit your organisation and business objectives.  

Speak to us today to fully understand how best to approach the current market conditions and how to set in place a long term energy strategy.

ABBEYFIELD"You have secured significant savings covering our electricity and gas costs and due to your method of remuneration we know you are fully committed to continuing with this high level of service."