Hospitality & Leisure

In hospitality and leisure, there is precious little one can do about the fact that lights, heating and air conditioning must be switched on in order to provide a comfortable and satisfying experience to the customer.   

In such volatile markets, the challenge for all organisations is to ensure they have enough time to control costs, minimise legislative exposures and manage any changes within their organisation. 

With the help of M&C, managing these necessary overheads need not be a burden on your business.  Whether energy spend represents a significant overhead or is a marginal cost, it is prudent to ensure that budgets are spent effectively. 

M&C has unrivalled experience in managing and recovering costs along with a suite of Procurement, Compliance and Performance services that can be tailored to your needs.


Arsenal Football Club"I was impressed with both your professional manner and the timescale within which the job was completed.  We are now benefitting from a significant reduction in water use as a result of M&C's recommendations."