Food & Drink

Food and Drink Manufacturing is an energy-intensive sector, with heating, cooling, processing and product movement all requiring significant inputs of energy - and all offering an opportunity to make savings, and increase profits.

For any business with energy-intensive operations, there is a genuine opportunity to have a significant and lasting impact on profits.

Managing energy is an increasingly complex and difficult task.  From choosing fixed-cost to flexible energy purchasing, from ensuring the accuracy of invoices to dealing with environmental obligations, this is a multi-faceted area full of both opportunity and risk.

The energy experts at M&C have been working with major Food & Drink manufacturers for years across the full range of our services.  We can make a tremendous impact upon your business, not only helping you make significant savings, but also helping you reduce carbon emissions.

As experts in the Food & Drink sector, M&C Energy Group can help your business.

Nestle“The way M&C Energy Group took ownership over the collecting, processing and analysing of the utility bills of all of our sites fulfilled our expectations and guaranteed that we always paid the right price in the end after all occurring errors were corrected on the initiative of M&C Energy Group"