M&C's experience covers the whole spectrum of finance, from banking to accountancy.  It is surprising how high energy costs can be in this field, from international banks spending tens of millions of pounds, to accountancy firms running to three or four million.

Left unchecked, this can both double and half without warning in today’s volatile markets, so a robust energy strategy is just as important in the financial world as it is for the heavy industrial user.

M&C have worked extensively with a large international bank, undertaking a major programme to coordinate all their utility costs under one global strategy.  Our experts have enabled the bank to achieve this, taking account of local market factors across a complex mix of territories.

M&C has also been heavily involved with a large international bank, working with them on their one bank programme to bring all utility costs under one strategy while accounting for all of the different markets and local issues which come into play in such a complex geography.  From a financial point of view, this has been an incredibly successful project, delivering significant results, together with a much better understanding of how to approach this market and manage these costs, with our continued guidance.

First Title"I would like to thank you for all your help and assistance over the past few years in helping negotiate our electricity and gas contracts.  I have been very impressed with the speed and efficiency of your service"