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Just because your bills add up doesn't make them right...

Every year utility suppliers send inaccurate bills which often contain errors which cannot be seen on the surface.  This can happen for a number of reasons from faulty meter readings to misinterpretation of data - these mistakes can often lead to overpayments of tens of thousands of pounds.  Suppliers price your contract on limited information, and need to collect charges on behalf of a number of agents that you don't see on the bill - from grid operators to metering firms, and of course the Gorvernment.  These agents bill the supplier, who then bills you and hidden mistakes are common.

Why not take advantage of our free energy health check? 

We conduct a 'deep dive' review which includes speaking to the network and metering companies direct rather than just taking the suppliers' word for it. We will present you with a report with recommendations, refunds and savings - this costs you absolutely nothing. If you decide to act on our recommendations we will work directly with your suppliers to get refunds back to you and optimise your ongoing charges.

Our fee is a percentage of your savings - we only get paid on results and no upfront payment is required. So why not take advantage of this service today? You have nothing to lose and potential savings to gain and best of all - it's FREE!

Case Study - Merchant City Properties saved £500k »

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Case Study - Merchant City Properties saved £500k

Merchant City Properties

"On behalf of Merchant City Properties I would like to thank you for all your efforts up to and including last week's mediation. The result you helped us achieve - broadly cutting a £1 million pound bill in half - was as good as we could have expected.

Having given it much consideration, I think a major contributing factor to our success was that our preparation had been very thorough. This in a large part is a result of your input and your level of detail, which I think brought the energy supplier to the table."