With so much emphasis on energy against the backdrop of a monopoly water market you would be forgiven for assuming that the only means of streamlining your water and wastewater costs is by reducing the amount of water that you use. 

However, experience tells us differently, and in 2010 M&C Energy Group successfully recovered £2.2m of overcharges from UK water companies and implemented savings that will reduce our clients’ ongoing costs by £2.25m per year.

Since the industry’s privatisation over 20 years ago a culture of complacency has witnessed falling customer service standards and the introduction of increasingly complex tariff structures; a scenario that has achieved little more than to further disillusion the consumer.  With a growing trend for suppliers to completely absolve themselves of responsibility for ensuring that their invoices are correct the onus on validating supplier charges now falls firmly at the hands of the customer.

M&C Energy Group has been at the forefront of the UK water industry for more than three decades and through our team of water specialists, full UK engineering coverage and personalised service we are able to untangle the web of complexity.  By retaining a constant focus on water we are making a tangible contribution towards optimising our clients’ bottom line costs in what is arguably the most widely misunderstood of all of the commodities.


Nestle“Within the 6 months of your appointment you have already implemented savings of £100,000 per annum impacting significantly on the Council’s utility costs. In addition you have successfully negotiated with our supplier refunds exceeding £200,000 in value following your comprehensive auditing exercise and physical site inspections by your Engineering team"