M&C Energy Group's Fuels services help to manage our clients costs and risks, from managing prices in haulage contracts to procuring fuel directly and recovering overcharges.

Fuels including diesel, gas oil, jet fuel and heavy fuel oil are often significant budget items for many companies.  Fuels purchasing  is complex and is not core business for most organisations, so M&C’s expertise can really benefit your operation (consortium purchasing).  M&C Energy Group’s specialist fuels service is well placed to support organisations with a range of services that can drive the cost of these commodities down, while ensuring that day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently.  The services include:

  • Fuel Supply Tendering: ensuring the supply meets the operational needs of the client at the lowest margin
  • Operational Contract Management: ensuring fuel is ordered and supplied in a timely manner
  • Supplier Invoice Validation: checking that you are paying for the fuel delivered and at the contracted price
  • Historic Supplier Invoice Validation: checking that past invoices have been billed accurately and paid correctly, and securing rebates where appropriate
  • Price Risk Management: allowing you to control your fuel expenditure and budget effectively